Lan Freedman

  • Lan Freedman is a lover, not a fighter. Originally a psychology major, he intended a carreer as a therapist, but decided he'd rather work out his issues in the full light of day as a director. He has travelled to the Cannes Film Festival five times. Once after a party there he got into what he thought was a taxi, but was instead driven into the woods, robbed, and almost shot. He escaped by running serpentine through the trees. True story. Ask him about it sometime. He has directed for clients such as 7-Eleven, American Airlines, Orkin, Texas Rangers, Dewar's, State Farm, and Raising Canes. Lan has dedicated himself to his art. You can tell by how much he has neglected his fitness, fashion, and personal hygene. He is currently debating on whether or not he should eat that last piece of dark chocolate. He deserves it, right?