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Our talents don’t stop when commercial breaks end. We’re also well versed in long-format content, having provided production, editorial, VFX, audio, and finish to countless hours of TV shows and feature films. We know the art of storytelling, we’ve mastered the craft of consistency, and we respect the effort it takes to not only grab but keep attention. Our long-form work has been programmed at premier festivals across the globe including Sundance, SXSW, and the Leeds International Film Festival. Simply put, we IMDb just as well as we AICP.

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Recognized as one of the best film production companies, we tackle all aspects of film conception, creation, and production. Whether your needs are turnkey or à la carte, charlieuniformtango has the talent and technology to handle strategy, scripting, shooting, directing, editing, VFX, motion design, scoring, and audio. Even better, we collaborate across disciplines, projects, and days to deliver results that far exceed your original ask. Simply put, we’re more than artists, we’re partners.

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what is film production?

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filmmaking production and post-production.

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“The entire team is amazing. Everyone produces exceptional work and overdelivers. From simple voiceover recordings to full production and post, they can do it all. And they do it better than anyone in the business.”

-Stephanie M.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Tango on many projects, and every single time I walk away with work that exceeds my expectations. Whether it’s the VFX and motion graphics artists or the sound and video editors, everyone here finds a way to elevate your project into something even greater than what you had envisioned.”

-Michael T.

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frequently asked questions.

how do i get started with Tango?

Click any of the “let’s tango” buttons on our website to get started. We’ll ask for some basic information about your TV or film project, your budget, and your timeframe. Then, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to begin the conversation!

what is film production?

Film production is specifically the directing, acting, and recording stages of filmmaking after the script has been written, the actors have been cast, and the shooting locations have been chosen. The production phase of filmmaking is when the different scenes of a movie are directed and the performances of actors are captured on film. Though film production is often used generally to summarize all the phases of filmmaking, it is specifically the second phase of production after pre-production and before post-production.

what is post production in film?

Post-production is the final stage of filmmaking, when editors piece together the many hours of footage from the video production phase to cut and arrange the final film that audiences will experience. The post-production process for a movie involves months of editing both the film footage and the audio, as well as incorporating visual effects, motion design, sound design, color design, and the film score. All the work done on a film after recording is considered post-production.

what is pre production in film?

Pre-production is the foundational phase of any film project, where the logistics of the film production are planned and assigned, especially finalizing the script, storyboarding movie scenes, hiring the cast and crew, scouting locations, and budgeting each phase of the film production before cameras begin rolling.

what does it mean to produce a movie?

Producing a movie requires a movie script and the ability to find financing that pays for all aspects of the movie’s production from start to finish. Typically, a film producer’s responsibility is identifying the best screenplay available, budgeting the major phases of the movie production, and finding investors and financing for the talent required to make the movie. Movie producers may also be involved in hiring screenwriters and crew members, as well as a director. Once the funding for a movie is secured, a film producer’s job is to oversee the movie’s budget in all phases of filmmaking, especially pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution of the movie to theaters.

how much do celebrities get paid for commercials?

Celebrities are paid between $12,500 and $300,000 for a single commercial and may earn significantly more for an entire advertising campaign or special advertising event, like the Super Bowl. The most influential celebrities can command $1,250,000 or more for a single Super Bowl commercial. The amount of money a celebrity is paid for commercials depends on their demographic influence on the brand’s target audience and may also include residual payments each time the commercial is aired.

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