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Let’s sell you on not selling anything. Though we made our name in commercial production and promotional marketing, we’re aware there are stories to tell around your brand versus through it – related topics and tales that show your fans you truly get them. Our writers, directors, and editors know how to find these background stories, and enhance your commercial messaging with work that captures your brand’s greater ethos. Read More

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We tackle all aspects of branded video conception, creation, and production. Whether your needs are turnkey or à la carte, charlieuniformtango has the talent and technology to handle strategy, scripting, shooting, directing, editing, VFX, motion design, scoring, and audio. Even better, we collaborate across disciplines, projects, and days to deliver results that far exceed your original ask. Simply put, we’re more than artists, we’re partners. Read More

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working for Tango for nearly 8 years and counting and it has been a fantastic experience. It’s a great company with excellent leadership, a supportive culture, and an amazing group of people to work with!”

-Conor A.

“Amazing team of editors, filmmakers, producers, motion graphics artist, online artists, sound engineers, musicians, and generally all-around-good-people. The client service team is top notch as well.

-Ryan B.”

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frequently asked questions.

how do i get started with Tango?

Click any of the “let’s tango” buttons on our website to get started. We’ll ask for some basic information about your branded content needs, your budget, and your timeframe. Then, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to begin the conversation!

what is branded content?

Like the superhero of a marketing campaign, branded content is the secret identity for businesses that save the day by weaving their brand message into engaging and entertaining content that people actually want to consume because it doesn’t scream “I’m an advertisement!” Keeping the consumer hooked from start to finish, branded video content makes you laugh, cry, or learn something new, all while subconsciously introducing brand awareness. By telling a captivating story that aligns with a customer’s interests, values, and sense of humor, brands build a genuine connection with their audience instead of bombarding you with blatant ads that only make you want to run for the hills. Branded content is the purposeful fusion of advertising and entertainment, where brands become storytellers and customers become the unsuspecting protagonists.

what are some examples of branded content?

Branded content is all around you, camouflaging itself within your favorite forms of entertainment and information. Keep an eye out for sly branded content examples like this:

  • You’re binge-watching your favorite adventure web series, and in the midst of all the action, your favorite characters drink a particular soda every time. The web series is produced by the soda company. It’s subtle, isn’t it?
  • You read a blog that showcases stylish ensembles featuring a specific clothing brand. The brand has artfully sponsored the blog to provide fashion tips while subtly promoting their own threads. It’s a fashion coup d’état!
  • You stumble upon a video of a cat performing death-defying stunts. Little do you know that this viral sensation was actually brought to you by a pet food brand. Talk about “pawsome” marketing!
what’s the difference between branded content vs content marketing?

Branded content is a winning form of advertising within a larger traditional content marketing strategy. Created to thread the needle between entertainment and advertisement, branded content tells a compelling story that appeals to a target audience’s interests, values, and emotions. Once the story is told, the brand subtly associates their own brand values, products, and services at the end of the narrative. Though branded content is a part of content marketing, it is only one leg of a traditional marketing campaign. On the other hand, content marketing is the cumulation of all the pieces of content a marketing campaign will use to promote a brand.

What is unbranded content?

Unbranded content (also known as unbranded vertical content) is unsourced content that is created without explicitly connecting its message with your brand. Though subtle, branded content does ultimately reveal itself to be promotional and advertorial for a company and brand. Brand video content may not have a sales pitch, but it will always reveal the brand by displaying its logo or, in many cases, ending with a signature “brought to you by [brand]”. Conversely, unbranded content never specifically associates its message with the brand.

what is the ideal length of a branded video?

The ideal video length for branded videos is 90 seconds. In general, data shows that branded video content retains the best user engagement when it is 1 to 4 minutes in length.

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