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Every brand story has a beginning. We can write yours. Before you point a camera or cast a single role, you have to know the story you’re telling – and whom you’re telling it to. charlieuniformtango has decades of experience learning from some of the best marketing minds in America, and as such approaches every project with strategic thinkers and seasoned professionals. The result? Our creative is more than creative, it’s smart, informed, and grounded in truth. So if you don’t have an agency or even a script, don’t worry. We’re comfortable with the blank page.

writers, strategists, directors.

global brand building strategy through video.

We tackle all aspects of brand strategy including conception, creation, and production. Whether your needs are turnkey or à la carte, charlieuniformtango has the talent and technology to handle strategy, scripting, shooting, directing, editing, VFX, motion design, scoring, and audio. Even better, we collaborate across disciplines, projects, and days to deliver results that far exceed your original ask. Simply put, we’re more than artists, we’re partners.

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“They have Best In Class talent in every room – from edit to audio, to graphics, color and online. Behind the scenes, their producers don’t miss a trick. Together, they bring the expertise and passion to get the job done beautifully, every. single. time. They are organized, detailed (their editors have actually made charts for versions and revisions for us!), and go above and beyond to make the work the best it can be. They are extremely collaborative, and dedicated to their craft. And to top it off, they are a ton of fun, to boot! You are welcomed in and feel right at home. James, Deedle and Joey are straight-shooters and solid gold pros. They are a trusted, tried-and-true partner for us at 31,000 FT and we are so grateful to have them as a go-to partner!”

-Kristina B.

“Charlieuniformtango is a consistently top-drawer operation. In 20 years of projects with CUT, I’ve always had terrific experiences and have learned to trust their never-ending ability to bring their best effort to the table and deliver over and above expectations- again and again. I’ve always known when I bring a project to Tango- it’ll go well, the clients will be happy, and we will actually look like we actually know what we are doing.”

-Gregory G.

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frequently asked questions.

how do i get started with Tango?

Click any of the “let’s tango” buttons on our website to get started. We’ll ask for some basic information about your video length, your video budget, and your timeframe. Then, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to begin the conversation!

what is a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is the creative marketing plan for how a company presents itself to the world in order to connect with target audiences. Brand strategy is the secret sauce that gives a business its unique flavor, setting it apart from the competition. Encompassing everything from the brand’s purpose, values, and personality, brand strategy defines the customer experience through creative copy, visual identity, and video messaging. It’s all about building a strong and cohesive brand image that resonates with customers, fosters trust, and establishes lasting relationships. With a pinch of creativity and a sprinkle of strategic thinking, a brand strategy is the key ingredient to savory success, leaving an appetizing impression in the minds of consumers.

how to build a brand strategy?

First, work with brand strategists, who will gather insight through market research on your competitors and industry trends. The goal is to understand your target audience inside and out—their needs, desires, and aspirations. Then, with the help of writers, create a compelling brand story that captures the hearts and minds of your target audiences while mixing in your brand’s unique purpose, values, and personality. Next, rely on designers and directors to bring your brand story to life with a captivating visual identity, including a logo, color palette, typography, and video storytelling that reflects your brand’s essence. Finally, consistently communicate your brand’s promise by aligning your brand experience with consistent customer service, product quality, and brand messaging.

what are the five types of brand strategy?

The five types of brand strategy are:

1) product/line extension

2) brand extension

3) multi-brands

4) new brands

5) rebrands

The line extension brand strategy presents customers with additional options to choose from among their favorite brands. Think of Dr. Pepper’s Lil’ Sweet Diet Dr. Pepper commercials that extend the Dr. Pepper line. Also called product extension, line extension allows brands to introduce variations of their existing products using new colors, sizes, flavors, shapes, forms, or applications.

A brand extension strategy is a way a brand introduces a new product under the same brand name. For example, Apple introduces their new Apple Car after the success of their iPhone and Apple Watch. With a loyal customer base, a brand can extend their product offerings because of the trust they’ve already built with customers through a history of reliable products.

A multi-brand brand strategy is the way a brand appeals to multiple target audiences by creating a different brand within the same product category. Think of P&G selling Luvs diapers, Pampers diapers, or Pantene hair care next to Head & Shoulders. Whether the brands appeal differently to men and women or demographically, the multi-brand strategy targets multiple customer segments with new brand names within the same category.

A new brand brand strategy is the introduction of a separate new brand or product, while also continuing the existing brand. Differently from a brand extension that adds the new product into the family by attaching it to an existing parent company, a new brand is created that is its own company. Think of Acura cars that are a luxury brand of the Honda company. The new brand may cater to an underexplored set of consumers with new products that satisfy their needs.

Rebranding strategy involves changing an existing company’s or product’s image, identity, or positioning in the market. It may include updating the company’s name, logo, packaging, website, marketing materials, and messaging to better align with the it’s goals and target audience.

why is video marketing strategy important?

A smart video marketing strategy is important because it tailors your brand’s story to capture attention and build trust with target audiences. As you showcase your products or services with videos, strategy gives your brand the superpower of relating to your ideal customer around shared interests on the multimedia channels where they consume content. It’s like having a 24/7 employee who is a virtual spokesperson that speaks directly to your customers, entertaining and educating them at all hours of the day. A great video strategy ensures that audiences will connect with your brand on an emotional level, so you stand out from the crowd, grab the spotlight, and take your brand to new heights.

what is an example of brand strategy?

Nike is iconic for the Hero archetype brand strategy, making videos where normal everyday people overcome great odds through acts of strength, courage and humility (while wearing Nikes, of course). The “Find Your Greatness” campaign is a brand strategy connecting Nike shoes to the everyday athlete. The branded video content shows an early morning jogger running hard to get in shape before the sun has fully risen. Nike’s brand strategy brilliantly appeals to everyone who strives to get in shape and become great, reminding us “we’re all capable of it”. 

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