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The power of video, boosted. There’s no better way to build your brand or business than through video. From the scroll-stopping social post to the jaw-dropping Super Bowl spot, video’s ability to attract and engage new customers is unrivaled – as is the video production team at Charlie Uniform Tango. Our producers, directors, and photographers have planned, budgeted, scripted, boarded, and shot hundreds of projects through the years, showcasing a talent that rivals that of our back-end editors and artists.

best-in-class talent for video production and post-production.

professional video production services.

We tackle all aspects of video conception, creation, and production. Whether your needs are turnkey or à la carte, Charlie Uniform Tango has the talent and technology to handle strategy, scripting, shooting, directing, editing, VFX, motion design, scoring, and audio. Even better, we collaborate across disciplines, projects, and days to deliver results that far exceed your original ask. Simply put, we’re more than artists, we’re partners.

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ADDY-award winning videos with twenty+ super bowl spots.

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“I have always had a positive experience working with CUT, whether it be for post-production, editing, graphics, or audio recording. They’ve got a great staff of incredibly talented, creative, and, most importantly, nice people. They make every project better.”

-Rachel D.

“Charlie Uniform Tango is and always has been my first choice as a production resource. No other facility or organization applies such exceptional talent and technology to every project. They are truly a turnkey resource with original production, editing, audio, digital, and creative capabilities. Decades of collaboration have made them a reliable extension of my own creative team. There are too many wonderful people to single out. Their long record of repeat clients and truckloads of creative awards are proof enough. CUT is your home away from home. A place that inspires great work. A place where clients are always dazzled and made to feel welcome.”

-Sydney K.

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frequently asked questions.

how do i get started with Tango?

Click any of the “let’s tango” buttons on our website to get started. We’ll ask for some basic information about your video length, your video budget, and your timeframe. Then, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to begin the conversation!

what is a video production?

A video production is all the aspects of video creation from start to finish, including planning, strategy, scripting, casting, location scouting, directing, shooting, editing, post-production, 3D and VFX, motion design, sound design, graphics, and distribution. The five stages of video production are:

1) Budgeting and Planning

2) Pre-Production

3) Production

4) Post-Production

5) Marketing and Distribution

Whether you need à la carte video production services for one stage of production or an end-to-end solution, Charlie Uniform Tango is a nationally recognized, full-service video production company with breakthrough ideas, top-tier talent, and unrivaled client service.

What is a video production company?
A video production company creates films, TV shows, commercials, and video content for brands, agencies, businesses, and investors. Video production companies have a range of services that include strategy and consulting, video capture and creation, and post-production services like video editing, sound design, visual effects, and color grading. At its core, a video production company creates and edits captivating visual experiences that convey a message, evoke emotions, and connect with audiences on a deep level.
what types of videos do you create?

Commercials, TV and film, social media, branded content, and documentaries are the bread and butter of Charlie Uniform Tango’s production and post-production services. We’re a full-service video and audio editing studio with capabilities in strategy, direction, VFX, motion design, content creation, and more. Working with several of the nation’s top advertising agencies, we are as comfortable on “the second screen” as we are on the silver screen.

how long does the video production process take?

Every video production is different, and the amount of time required is largely dependent on the length of the video being created. For a more specific answer, commercial video productions take 6–8 weeks to complete, while full-length films may take as much as 1 year to complete the final cut. With that said, when our clients need things done quickly, we move heaven and earth to make it happen. If you’re on a timeline, let us know about your video here or give us a call!


how much does video production cost?

The cost of video production services depends on the style of video, completion timeframe, and the scope and scale of the project. Charlie Uniform Tango works within your budget and provides a detailed quote. Click “let’s tango” to let us know about your project or call us directly.

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