10 tips for editing video

Longform/spot-work/documentary/talking heads – this #TEDblog has some great tips for Editors. What’s your number one technique when editing?

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How bad editing ruined Iron Fist's fight scenes

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Interstate Batteries

Before you get the band back together, get a battery test today! Thanks to everyone at Firehouse for this fun project: Along with ECD Tripp Westbrook,..

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Customer Stories: Video, Film, and Audio - Post-production on The Social Network (Part 1) on Adobe TV

The abilities of #AfterEffects make it a veritable Swiss Army Knife of post production tools. #Adobe #Ae #Post

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5 Editors that Broke the Hollywood Studio System

#Film #Editors #CUT

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RT @videofest: 6 Filmmaking Tips from Texas-Based Directors https://t.co/oIIwAsHckX about 3 weeks ago
Shoutout to all the #ADDYs winners. We had a blast. Thanks for making us a part of the fun!! https://t.co/Yr6kU4o4kh about 3 weeks ago
in honor of #InternationalWomensDay we're proud to call this fearless, loyal woman our leader. Thank you @LolaLott!! https://t.co/ANy2uxZjLD about 3 weeks ago
  • Great shoot at @dell today with @wunderman! 📷: @rsmw #charlieuniformtango #production #dell #wunderman #canon #onset
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A Real Craving from Lindsay Jansson: "My Dr Pepper cravings are endless."
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  • @andrea.norby ready for her closeup 🎥 #charlieuniformtango
  • CUT

    Lola & Jack meet & work together at AMI

  • After moving to West End Post, the team spearheads the 60th AVID on the planet

  • CUT

    Lola & Jack partner to open charlieuniformtango w/ 5 employees

  • Launch of Tango Austin on 6th Street

  • CUT

    Partnered with Company 3 to launch the world's 1st virtual telecine

  • Launch of Liberal Media Films, Tango's production company

  • CUT

    CUT moves to One Arts Plaza in the prestigious Dallas Arts District

  • CUT teams up with MPC LA/NY/London to provide virtual color services

  • CUT

    charlieuniformtango celebrates its 20th anniversary

  • The facility expands to add new editing suites, audio suite, and production stage

  • CUT

    charlieuniformtango and Liberal Media Films consolidate under the name charlieuniformtango