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Rehearsals for REQUIEM are underway. We can’t wait to show you what we’re cooking up this year. Shows run Wed-Sun. For those who have graduated trick or treating and are ready for a fright.

#halloween #halloweendallas #halloween2021 #hauntedhouse #hauntedhousedallas #oakcliff #immersivetheater #hauntedexperience #amocrequiem #afterlife #spookeasy
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Tangoween caption contest, go! ... See MoreSee Less

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What’s that ancient media on the shelf? Dead Sea scrolls perhaps? 😏

The Grateful Dead.

Waiting for Joey's work to finish rendering.

Is that Jack Waldrip?

Still waiting on the callsheet.

Will this ever ship?

Been put on hold for a long time 😮

Your extended car warranty and I have expired

"I just had a few notes on the last edit...."

"Please enter your 19 digit code to join the call."

"He said he'd call. Why hasn't he called?"

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3 months ago
Charlie Uniform Tango

Have a peek - we’re excited to share! Lola and Tango are featured in this month’s D CEO Inside Dallas Business Magazine. ... See MoreSee Less

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Love it! Well-deserved amazing Lola!! ❤️ You are an inspiration!

Congrats Lola. You are such an inspiration!

She has earned all the recognition. Congrats!

Thank u beautiful Fa , I am so technical!? that is why I asked u to forward it

Fa ,as u look through u will find Rafaat photo and a comment but written in Arabic about interview done by American TV station about medical /surgical subject if u can forward to signal like u did with Lola's picture Thx U.Emile


Fa. Can u forward Lola's and D. CEO to signal so the family can see it

Congrats, Lola!

Congratulations, Lola!!

Go Lola! 🎉🙌🏻

Congrats Lola Lott!!!


Love love love this!


So wonderful! Yay!


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3 months ago
Charlie Uniform Tango

Lola Lott chimes in on SHOOTonline's Mid Year Report Card! ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out these amazing images from our new Photo Production Spotlight!😍

This issue features work from some of the best photo production companies in the industry🙌

Click the link in our bio to see more✨

1. .@ShootItProd
2. .@CUTango


Click the link in to check out our brand new Commercial Productions, Directors & DOPs Spotlight 🎥
This issue features new, exciting motion campaigns for global brands such as Samsung and Adidas

1. Peter Sagnia Films
2. .@CUTango


The Lowdown

We’ve won a boatload of awards including National Addys, ANDY’S and a Lion. Our work has been featured in everything from the CA Annual to the AICP National show. Super Bowls? Been there seven times for six different clients ranging from Geico to FIAT. Our long form work has been projected at festivals from NXNE to SXSW and across both ponds to Melbourne and Leeds.

Innovation? Yep, we’ve done that too. Back in the last century, we cut our teeth on the 60th avid on the planet - AVID #60, we were also the first to open the all inclusive, do it all under one roof creative editorial house featuring offline, sound design/mix, visual efx and finish. More recently, in 2004, we partnered with Company 3 to pioneer the world’s first virtual telecine. Today, we’re connected to MPC LA, NYC and London. So, in short - we’ve been around.

  • CUT

    Lola Lott & Jack Waldrip meet & work together at AMI

  • After moving to West End Post, the team spearheads the 60th AVID on the planet

  • CUT

    Lola & Jack partner to open charlieuniformtango w/ 5 employees

  • Launch of Tango Austin on 6th Street

  • CUT

    Partnered with Company 3 to launch the world's 1st virtual telecine

  • Launch of Liberal Media Films, Tango's production company

  • CUT

    CUT moves to One Arts Plaza in the prestigious Dallas Arts District

  • CUT teams up with MPC LA/NY/London to provide virtual color services

  • CUT

    charlieuniformtango celebrates its 20th anniversary

  • The facility expands to add new editing suites, audio suite, and production stage

  • CUT

    charlieuniformtango and Liberal Media Films consolidate under the name charlieuniformtango

  • CUT Austin moves into its own newly renovated building on Marathon Blvd.

  • CUT

    CUT takes on three new partners: Deedle LaCour, James Rayburn, & Joey Waldrip

  • This year marks charlieuniformtango's 25th anniversary