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charlieuniformtango Completes Campaign For CRAVE Pet Food

Check out our latest work for CRAVE Pet Foods and BBDO San Francisco – shooting the animal kingdom (from pups to tigers) is second nature for..

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Blue – you have a call on park one, Blue – call on park one. Meet Blue – one of the amazing fosters from @petsgoingplaces that gets to hang with..

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We listen to her every word … and you should too! Check out Lola Lott on the cover of SHOOTonline (bottom right) and her interview – they’ve..

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Been on the hellsite for a decade and all I got were these 20-30 feral hogs. #MyTwitterAnniversary

After +25 years in the edit chair, I've hereby determined the following:
Hair = 1-2 frames
Smidge = 3 frames
Nyut = 5 frames
Titch = 8 frames
Half a beat = 9 frames
Breath = 14 frames
Beat = 19 frames

#swamplife Super quick swamp creature suit and makeup I made with @AnnaLani_Makeup. Swipe for more BTS and antics... suit and makeup was for a Popeyes commercial shoot with @randalford and @CUTango. We adapted a…

There’s a great deal of mystery in film editing, and that’s because you’re not supposed to see a lot of it. You’re supposed to feel that a film has pace and rhythm and drama, but you’re not necessarily supposed to be worried about how that was accomplished. - Thelma Schoonmaker

The Lowdown

We’ve won a boatload of awards including National Addys, ANDY’S and a Lion. Our work has been featured in everything from the CA Annual to the AICP National show. Super Bowls? Been there seven times for six different clients ranging from Geico to FIAT. Our long form work has been projected at festivals from NXNE to SXSW and across both ponds to Melbourne and Leeds.

Innovation? Yep, we’ve done that too. Back in the last century, we cut our teeth on the 60th avid on the planet - AVID #60, we were also the first to open the all inclusive, do it all under one roof creative editorial house featuring offline, sound design/mix, visual efx and finish. More recently, in 2004, we partnered with Company 3 to pioneer the world’s first virtual telecine. Today, we’re connected to MPC LA, NYC and London. So, in short - we’ve been around.

  • CUT

    Lola & Jack meet & work together at AMI

  • After moving to West End Post, the team spearheads the 60th AVID on the planet

  • CUT

    Lola & Jack partner to open charlieuniformtango w/ 5 employees

  • Launch of Tango Austin on 6th Street

  • CUT

    Partnered with Company 3 to launch the world's 1st virtual telecine

  • Launch of Liberal Media Films, Tango's production company

  • CUT

    CUT moves to One Arts Plaza in the prestigious Dallas Arts District

  • CUT teams up with MPC LA/NY/London to provide virtual color services

  • CUT

    charlieuniformtango celebrates its 20th anniversary

  • The facility expands to add new editing suites, audio suite, and production stage

  • CUT

    charlieuniformtango and Liberal Media Films consolidate under the name charlieuniformtango

  • CUT Austin moves into its own newly renovated building on Marathon Blvd.